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Shauna Pearson interviewed Skillshare participant Tiffany about the impact Great Lives' Skillshare week had on her life.

Sometimes when I look around, I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I’ve got my own flat, I’m at college and I’ve got ambition for the future.

Eighteen months ago it was a different story. I became homeless after I was released from prison. I didn’t have anywhere to go and I spent most of my time either sofa-surfing or sleeping in garages.
After two months I moved into supported housing. My confidence was pretty low back then, but when my support worker suggested I should take part in Skillshare as a step towards getting my own home, I agreed.
I remember feeling nervous about the first day of Skillshare, but thankfully everyone was really friendly. The week was full of interesting things and I learned about everything from how to get my own home and how to look after it, to healthy lifestyles, wellbeing and aspirations for the future.
I really enjoyed the practical skills sessions and learning how to grow my own vegetables. I still grow my own salads - it’s healthy and much cheaper than buying shop bought ones, and satisfying too.
The market stall event on the last day was very inspiring. Seeing the opportunities for courses and work experience made me determined to change my life.
In April last year I moved into my own flat and I enrolled on courses at college. I want to do more volunteering and my ambition is to work for the probation service. Without Skillshare and the Great Lives team, I don’t know where I’d be. I feel very proud of my achievements. I want a career and I’ve got a plan for my future, and I’ve got Skillshare to thank for that.


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