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Organisations are increasingly aware of their community and social responsibilities, and involvement in charity work is becoming a vital part of corporate key aims in addition to a supply chain requirement when tendering for contracts.

At Threshold, we want to partner with companies who are driven to deliver real change for people who are homeless or under threat of becoming homeless. We want all our partnerships to be rewarding, engaging and mutually beneficial.

Partnerships could involve:-

Supporting one of our schemes financially  - Involve your corporate trust and foundations in our work. A company or philanthropic donation will help us support more homeless people.

By volunteering - Use your skills, or the skills of your team, to help us to build our business and improve the support we can offer to people at risk of homelessness

Exploring new ideas – Do you have an idea that can help reduce homelessness or improve the lives of those in supported housing? Perhaps it is creating a new scheme or project to support customers in your area. Get in touch if you think Threshold can support your idea. 

Properties/Responsible Private Landlords Working alongside Threshold to develop a portfolio of properties in order to both generate income as well as social impact. This may be particularly attractive to property or retail related businesses who may have vacant accommodation and would like to develop a robust CSR strategy or to private investors who may want to acquire a long term investment property portfolio, that could be managed on their behalf and realise an income in addition to social impact.

Without both private and social landlords offering their properties for Threshold to use in our Housing First project, the programme would not have been as successful as it has in helping vulnerable people find safe and comfortable homes. That said, we are always in need of new properties for our clients and as such, we would love to hear from you if you have a property portfolio and an interest in helping improve the lives of others. 

We also welcome conversations with social enterprises that would like to work with Threshold in order to deliver shared or mutually beneficial services to customers.

If you think Threshold and your company can work together to tackle issues surrounding homelessness we want to hear from you. Please contact Deborah Walker on or 07787644495. 


Your support can go a long way to help change lives.

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