Award for project bringing mothers and children back together after prison

A project supporting mothers to get back together with their children on release from custody has received an award for great partnership working at a prestigious criminal justice event.

The national ‘Redemption and Justice Awards’ at the Hinckley Island hotel in Leicestershire on 3rd October saw celebrities and criminal justice experts award the prizes, including to Re-Unite, a partnership involving charities Commonweal Housing, Housing for Women and Threshold.

Re-Unite was founded to help women rebuild a stable family life in the face of many obstacles when released from prison by offering advice and support aiming to prevent homelessness, social exclusion and reoffending.

Steve Goslyn, Threshold Chief Executive said: "Re-Unite is a very new project in the criminal justice sector, and a radical one in what it aims to achieve. The positive work it is doing is increasingly being recognised among professionals, and this award follows a very positive academic report into the project released only a month ago.”

He added: "It shows what can be achieved when different charities and organisations work together to combine their skills and experiences.  At Threshold we feel this is becoming all the more important during what is a difficult time for the third sector.  Commonweal Housing and Housing for Women have been great partners and show what can be done as a joint effort.

Ashley Horsey, Commonweal Chief Executive said: "This award is a fantastic testament to the hard work of all our partners delivering Re-Unite across the country - especially Threshold in Manchester, but also Anawim in Birmingham, Together Women across Yorkshire & Humberside, the Isis Centre in Gloucestershire and Housing for Women in south London. We are very proud of all our partners.”


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