Customers meet to discuss Threshold's direction

Customer Group
Customers have been getting involved in a ‘strategic consultation’ about the future of Threshold’s services—what we’ve been doing well, could do better and what we should be doing more or less of in the years ahead.

They came together to have their say on 16th December at Earl Mill in Oldham; where Threshold’s community services are based; to kick start the Customer & Staff Review Group.

Customers fed back that staff were approachable and that the charity is good at signposting customers towards opportunities that can help them achieve their goals.

The group thought that Threshold is good at encouraging and enabling people to move on to better things but also helping them to be realistic in their aims.

They felt it was important for Threshold to focus on welfare reforms including Universal Credit and the ‘bedroom tax’, and on vulnerable people.  They also thought it was right for Threshold to continue offering services to a broad range of customers, particularly those with an offending background, a drug and alcohol misuse background, those at risk of homelessness or who are homeless, and those affected by domestic violence.

They felt that more well publicised activities programmes like Great Lives with self-help groups and health training would be useful if funding was available.  The group wanted to see more apprenticeships, peer mentoring and volunteering opportunities through Threshold and our partners.

In terms of customer involvement, the group wished to continue supporting a range of different customer groups working on different areas - the newsletter, website, activities, fundraising etc.  They said there should be support for customers to be able to meet independently and new, innovative ways of encouraging involvement.

The group will organise a customer celebration event in the spring, and a customer involvement tour of services so they can capture more customers’ views.

Threshold is now in the process of reviewing our customer involvement strategy with customers and there will be a re-launch in the spring.


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