Deputy GMPCC, Jim Battle Visits Threshold

Jim Battle visit


Jim Battle visited Threshold’s Oldham Refuge on 4th February to meet staff, tour the building and find out about the service offered in site; and about other ground breaking work they are doing to help women overcome personal challenges  with a range of issues including those related to homelessness, offending, domestic abuse, mental ill health and addiction.

Jim met with staff from Threshold’s Moving Forward project, and discussed how partnership working with the Police is improving support for victims of honour based abuse in Oldham, and the potential of this service model to be shared more widely across Greater Manchester.

Jim also met with the Housing First team, who support women offenders with complex needs across Oldham, Tameside and Stockport.  Housing First is a fairly new idea in the UK.  It offers ordinary housing together with personalised support to vulnerable people on the belief that they will recover more quickly and progress with their lives if they are first satisfactorily housed in an area and setting over which they have had choice.

Rachel, a Housing First customer spoke about her experience of the service.  She explained how her support worker has helped her to achieve her independence, increase her confidence and self belief, supported her to stop offending and look forward to a positive future. She told Jim “My support worker respects me.  She has done so much for me, I know I can talk to her about anything.  Without the support of Housing First I would probably be in prison or worse.  Housing First has given me the confidence to know that I will succeed with my life.  I just wish that Housing First, with your own key and front door, could be available to everyone who needs it, no matter what their background is and where they are from."


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