Homeless people in Tameside star in film

Acting on Impulse rehearsal
A supported housing scheme in Ashton-under-Lyne may seem an unlikely spot for a film set, but over the last three weeks that’s what it has become.

Homelessness and housing solutions charity Threshold, part of the New Charter Housing Trust Group, partnered up with Manchester acting and filming charity Acting on Impulse alongside Foundation UK.

Together, as part of the ‘Great Lives’ partnership, they have been taking part in a ‘mockumentary’ designed by the residents themselves.  It explains some of the pitfalls of poverty, worklessness, homelessness and the prison system that they themselves have faced.

Stacey Bell, one of those taking part, said: "I have played the role of a friend to another character called Gavin, trying to help him get on the right route with a home and job.”

Through the production I’ve got to know different people which has been great. I’ve always enjoyed acting, so to get the opportunity to do it again is really good.  It helps keep my mind off other things and stay positive.”

Lauren Pouchly, Producer for Acting on Impulse said: "Acting on Impulse works with marginalised people who wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to do something like this.  The cast have been great, and we’ve had lots of fun filming this.  They have been really supportive of each other and flexible about the tasks where they needed to be.”

"The cast have boosted their skills and confidence through what is quite an intense course, and it’s been very rewarding for all of us.”

The cast, which also included Threshold employees, received a certificate for their performances and will get a DVD of the film when the editing stage is complete.


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