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Threshold started life as the Oldham Single Homeless Project in 1976 when two organisations, the Oldham Crypt Project and Oldham Council for Churches, took over the running of the 31 Spring Street men’s hostel in Oldham and saved it from demolition.

Three years later Oldham Single Homeless Project was able to expand into larger offices at Rockcliffe Villa and manage more hostels, surviving radical changes to housing policy during the 1980s.  In 1994 it took on the name of Threshold Housing Project Limited.

Today, Threshold runs a diverse range of services for homeless and vulnerable people.

The charity formally joined the New Charter Group in 2012 after working together for several months as preferred partners.

New Charter merged with Adactus in 2018 to create Jigsaw Homes Group, Threshold is now a subsidiary of Jigsaw Homes Group.


The Oldham Crypt Project and Oldham Council for Churches joined to become the Oldham Single Homeless Project (OSHP) and take over the running of 31 Spring Street night shelter saving it from demolition.


The 1977 Homeless Persons Act came into being, replacing poor law era, starting a cultural shift in how homelessness is perceived. The Act puts legal responsibility upon local authorities to house people and keep families together. OSHP expands to larger office and starts to manage more hostels.


The 1985 Housing Act stops those under the age of 26 receiving Board and Lodging Allowance (the equivalent of Housing Benefit? This puts OSHP at risk and Oldham’s only women’s refuge is threatened as the council demands payment of a £1,000 rent bill. OSHP adapts to the new housing policies and continues to support homeless people in Oldham.


OSHP official registers as a charity under the trading name of Threshold Housing Project with registered offices at Steven House, Stamford Street in Oldham.


Now employing 35 full time staff Threshold developed several new support schemes and bought additional properties into management as ‘move-on’ accommodation. Floating support scheme for single women and mothers introduced, supporting an additional 25 persons in Oldham and Tameside. Developed accommodation advice services with Greater Manchester Probation Service.


Threshold benefited from the national supporting people programme bringing together a number of different accommodations related funding streams. The fund is distributed by local authorities to support vulnerable adults including homeless people.


Threshold delivered 17 Supporting People contracts for OMBC and 6 for TMBC. New 41 Spring Street building opened which impressed people from a variety of agencies. Threshold managed 115 units of accommodation and supported over 100 tenants at any one time through tenancy and floating support.


Two new Supporting People contracts to deliver support to BME communities in Tameside and floating support to offenders in Stockport, a new geographical area for Threshold.


Changed registered office address to Aksa House, Oldham. Started delivery of Greater Manchester Offenders Project (GMOP) extending Threshold’s reach.


Formally joined the New Charter Group


Started delivery of a new service in Stockport called the Targeted Prevention Alliance (TPA) with an innovative alliance delivery model. This consists of 6 organisations working together to share knowledge and resources to deliver a far reaching support service.

Housing First

We also started an innovative Housing First service, amongst one of the first in the UK to deliver this type of service and model.


Celebrated our 40th year anniversary now employing over 100 people and working with a number of different landlords, housing associations and local authorities to deliver support to communities.


New Charter Group merges with Adactus to form Jigsaw Homes Group, Threshold becomes subsidiary of new organisation.

Housing First for Domestic Violence service launched including specialist provision for women with no recourse to public funds. Initially a one year programme, funding was extended towards the end of the year. 

In July, the service was shortlisted for a Homeless Link Excellence Award. 

Our Housing First team speaks at national and international events such as FEANTSA, the CRISIS conference, the International Housing First Conference in Amiens, France. the service is also featured in various publications including Inside Housing, 24 Housing, the Ministry of Justice's Female Offender Strategy, and two different CRISIS reports, 'Everybody In - The Plan to End Homelessness' and 'Implementing Housing First Across England, Scotland and Wales.'

Threshold also began working with Homeless Link to deliver training on Housing First and gender-informed services. 



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