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What is Housing First?

‘Housing First’ is an approach which transforms thinking about how to intervene with homeless and vulnerable people.   At its heart, Housing First has a recovery orientation that places the customer’s choice of housing and support at the centre. 

The basic underlying principle of the Housing First model is that people are better able to move forward with their lives if they are first housed in permanent self-contained housing with wrap-around services as required.  There is a strong body of evidence that Housing First is a cost effective solution delivering strong outcomes for people with high support needs.

Support will be available for people who have local connections with Oldham, Tameside and Stockport. 



Key principles of Threshold Housing First

Client self-determination i.e. choice as to where she lives.This has been found to be a powerful factor in motivating people to recover and change lifestyle - they have too much to lose.

An asset based approach building on the client's strengths.

Scattered site provision i.e. people living in individual flats or houses dispersed in the community.

A recovery oriented approach.

Casework support based upon motivational interviewing techniques and a clear understanding of recovery models and client self-determination.

Housing First is also heavily informed by a therapeutic approach underpinned by an understanding of post-traumatic stress disorder and other deep seated conditions.

Persistence in intervention – never giving up on the client.

No treatment or sobriety pre-conditions.

Support that is not time limited.

Use of peer mentors to inform and support service design and service provision


Contact the service

Threshold – Housing First
Cavendish 249
Cavendish Street
Email: HousingFirst@thp.org.uk
0779 295 7224

Housing First Bulletin

Housing First, your monthly bulletin that lets you know about what’s been happening and what’s coming up. 

Going Live - March 2015

Housing First Briefing - January 2015

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